“Quality and perfection since 1998”

The specialist in gearboxes for Porsche

Tonnie Vos Gearbox Services

provides reconditioning and supplying gearboxes (and gearbox parts) for Porsche and Volkswagen Classic.

Our main activities are:
– Reconditioning
– Partial reconditioning
– Maintenance
– Adjusting gearboxes
– Supplying gearbox parts
– Supplying gearboxes
Our customer base consists mainly of brand specialists, restorers, car dealers, reconditioning companies, private customers and racing teams.


356 – 911 – 912 – 914 – 930 – 964 – 993 – 996 – 997 – etc.
519 – 644 – 716 – 741 – 901 – 915 – 930 – G50 – G64 – GT2 – GT3 – Tiptronic – etc.

Special wishes

At the request of our customers or based on our opinion, we can adjust a gearbox for the use on a circuit, off road, trackday, sprint, etc. This includes for example: changing the rear end gear (pinion and ring), gears, placing Limited Slip Differential (LSD), applying reinforcements, etc.
Feel free to contact us for more information.


Due to our extensive network we can provide almost any part concerning:
– Bearings (specialist in automotive bearings)
– Packings (seals, gaskets, etc.)
– Synchromesh-rings and supplements
– Gears, axles, gear sets, rings and pinions
– Gearbox housings
– etc.
You can always contact us for more information.


Telefoon +31 (0)416 69 68 44
In case we are not able to answer the phone, please try to contact us by e-mail.
E-mail info@vosgearbox.com

KvK-nr. 18052460
Btw-id. NL 002 111 332 B94

Ambachtstraat 14
4261 TJ Wijk en Aalburg
The Netherlands

We will be glad to welcome you. However, we recommend you to contact us in advance for making an appointment.


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